5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Neurology

Importance of On Call Neurology

The science that deals with all the diagnosis and treatment of the brain including the effector tissues such as the muscle and blood vessels is called neurology. A neurologist is someone that has studied neurology and is specialized in dealing with the condition. There are different types of neurological diseases and some of these diseases can affect the whole body system of an individual. After reading many books on neurological disorders, you can learn more about the different ways that you can avoid and handle brain diseases. A proper diet, essential fatty oils and increased intake of vitamin B can help prevent neurological diseases. Even though these things are not enough to keep you neurological fit, they can go a long way in helping you a lot.

There are different types of neurological disease which you can get to learn about and know their treatments and can help you a lot. Traumatic brain injury is one of the neurological diseases that can affect a person. Some form of brain damage occurs here because of a fall, car accidents, blow to the head and also through assaults. The brain gets bruised at the site of the injury when it bounces off the skull. The brain now starts to swell due to rupturing of the blood vessels that have been caused by the hit on the head. Blood vessels and tissues in the brain are compressed because of the increase in the swelling which causes lack of enough transportation of oxygen and other nutrients to the brain. The bruise in the brain can start healing through the use of hyperbaric oxygen which is known to help in the formation of new blood vessels to the areas of the brain where there is low oxygen saturation. Brain cells can start to die due to lack of enough oxygen in the brain and can cause the death of a person when they die off completely. This hyperbaric oxygen can be used to help in the rejuvenating of the brain cells whereby enough oxygen is supplied to the affected part of the brain making the brain cells to rebuild themselves.

Stroke is another example of a brain injury or disease. A stroke occurs when a clot is formed in the blood vessels supplying oxygenated blood to the brain thereby inhibiting the supply of enough oxygen and essential nutrients to the brain. These lack of enough amount of blood and vital nutrients to the brain can eventually lead to the death of a person.

On call neurology provides easy and speedy access to vital info on certain things that you can do when an emergency arises. Different diagnosis, examination, evaluation and treatment planning are given in the on call neurology in case you are faced with any problems. Step by step info is given about the patient reviews on examination, diagnostic tests and offer any needed assistance.

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