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9 Wedding Food Ideas.

During the royal wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were very much involved in making the menu. On their menu they had quail eggs, pea panna cotta and langoustines. Unlike most people who go for the dinner set up, they had bowls and canapes.

Over the years wedding food has become predictable making it boring.

Below are food ideas that you can try during your wedding.

Buddha bowls is one of the best food wedding ideas, since it is trendy and health. The buddha bowl is a mixture of raw or cooked vegetables, grains and proteins. Alternatively, you can have a buffer where the guests will fill the bowl with what they want.

Another great wedding food is taco cart. Tacos are easy to eat, delicious and they are fresh. One advantage of tacos, it incorporates different food cultures. To meet the needs of all your guests, there should be a wide range of dressings, salads and accompaniments to choose from. It is important you search for a taco catering near me and book.

Most people don’t consider it to be a wedding, if there is no cake. Most people don’t eat wedding cakes and they can be expensive to order. If you are looking for something different cookies would be the best alternative, your guest can eat them when standing and they can also carry them. Chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk would be ideal.

Cheese is another alternative, since everybody loves them and there are different flavors. It is advisable you include cheese cake or a tower of cheese in the buffet. The cheese can be accompanied with fig, grapes or crackers.

For the pizza lovers, don’t feel shy adding it on the menu during your wedding. The pizza can be put in a customized box, which have the picture of the bride and groom. Having different toppings for the pizza is important.

To ensure your guests are familiar with one another, ensure you have food stations at your wedding. Food station will provide your guests with options. Have a section that has candies, donuts, popcorn and many more.

If you are looking for a way to impress your guests during your wedding, consider an oyster bar. This will come in handy if most of your guests are people who have unique taste. The oyster can be accompanied by champagne or sparkling wine.

Chips and fish is another alternative you can consider. Deep fried fish would go well with thin crispy fries.

Lastly, there is the gourmet burger. Ensure you have different toppings such a pepper jack cheese, salad leaves or mustard.