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How to Drive Mobile Application Installs

There is an estimated number of six million mobile applications found in major app platforms such as this company the Apple App Store, the Google Play and the Amazon App store. For different mobile users this is a good thing. This is great news to end users because there have virtually all the applications they can use to make their mobile more useful. As a mobile application designer, however, this number gives you bad dreams. This makes it difficult for a mobile app developer to accumulate the number of installs however the good or effective the application can be. The main headache for app developers is how to increase the visibility of their applications given the numerous types and options available to users. This article, therefore, discusses some of the important ways an app developer can increase their app downloads.

The first tip you can use to increase downloads of your application is to develop a cross-platform application. Of the five application distribution platforms, Google Play, and Apple App Store are the most mainstream, boosting approximately three million and two million applications, respectively. Are you planning to use a single mobile app platform to distribute your application? In case you are going to use only one mobile application platform then you need to reconsider think twice. While it is possible to build a single platform mobile platform, it is advisable that you make your application cross-platform. You would prefer not to lock out potential clients because the application isn’t accessible for their gadgets.

The second method you can use to hit millions installs of your application is to respond to user reviews. After publishing your application and users have started to download it you will get customer reviews. Users react differently after downloading your application some will give it star rating while other will leave comments. There not much you can do with the star rating but you can surely respond to the user comments. It is important to note that you need responding to customer reviews is important especially if your application is getting negative publicity. When potential clients see that you’re reacting to negative remarks and specifying the measures you’re taking to enhance their experience, they’ll be all the more eager to download your application and try it out. If you dont respond to negative customer reviews, users will be discouraged and they will go for other options available in the market.

The third consideration you need to make when you want a million downloads of your application is to invest app advertising. Numerous app developers dont have a budget indicating how much they are going to use on app advertisement but this method can help you increase app installs.