Hearing Loss Causes and Treatment

Not being able to hear what those around are saying can have a detrimental effect on personal relationships. Losing even a small amount of hearing can be very frustrating and even depressing. This can also impact a persons job and their ability to perform it and everyday activities. The primary cause of hearing loss seems to be attributed to aging, but there are several common causes:


As people get older, the nerve cells inside the ear can suffer damage and even die. This lessens the ability to hear. It is estimated that 1/3 of people between 65-74 suffer from hearing loss that is age-related. This number goes up when seniors hit 75. It has been suggested that hearing loss among older people can contribute to memory loss.

Medical Conditions

Older people are prone to develop diabetes and other diseases. These can affect their hearing ability too. Some of the medications taken for these conditions can damage the inner ear as well.

Ear Injury

As time passes, people are more exposed to loud noises, infections and physical impact that can damage the nerve cells in the ear canal. Damaged nerve cells lose the ability to send signals to the brain, therefore hearing is lost.


For many who are suffering hearing loss, it is a condition that has been passed down through their genes. There are syndromic and nonsyndromic genetic abnormalities. Syndromic is a symptom of problems that happen in other parts of the body, for example, due to organ malfunction or disease. Then, nonsyndromic is caused by a mutation in the gene as a person ages. Luckily, both types of hearing loss can be treated with the use of a hearing aid.

Age-related hearing loss can be addressed with hearing devices. The sooner that hearing loss is treated the better the results. There are a variety of devices for you or your loved ones, whether this is something brand new that a person is dealing with or a repair or replacement is needed. There are designs to fit all types of lifestyles, based on the level of activity that they perform.