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How to Pick an In-Home Care Provider

Before choosing an in-home care provider, it is crucial to find a good fit for the family. Given that home care workers will be part of the daily life of your loved one, it is smart to know the people you will be letting into the home.

Certainly, you have to learn more about a certain in-home agency before you choose them over the rest. Here are the most significant points you should consider before choosing an in-home care agency:

Background Screening

In several states, background checks are actually required. Whether this is true or not, go for an agency whose carers have been properly vetted. You don’t want to put your senior loved one’s welfare in the hands of a criminal.


Many in-home care agencies also employ workers who can help you with a whole variety of tasks. For instance, if your loved one requires a specific level of nursing care, they may have workers who are qualified for the job and can address the needs at hand.

Now, on the other hand, they can also assign in-home care workers who perform non-specialist work like meal preparation, general cleaning, or simply companionship. Obviously, the agency will assign workers depending on the client’s specific needs.

Regardless of the type of care needed though, it’s a must to check the agency’s rules in terms of credentials, so you can ensure that you have the right person or people caring for your loved one.

In-House vs.

This can be a critical question for reasons of liability. Dealing with an agency whose care providers are fully insured and bonded, will protect you against future issues.

Quality Assurance

Choosing an agency that has a reliable quality assurance policy gives you more peace of mind for you and your loved one. If an agency provides ongoing training for employees and follows a regular performance review, it could be a sign that they offer superior service.


Though each agency will at times have to make staffing changes, generally, it’s good to look for one that will assign the same worker or workers to your loved one’s case. Familiarity with a caregiver is a big advantage, especially for seniors. You don’t want your senior to be under a constant state of stress when they don’t like the person or persons caring for them.

An extra advantage benefit to having the same workers caring for your loved one is that in-home care personnel who will come to know your senior very well, can detect potential changes in their health and be able to alert you very quickly. With a new carer coming in each week, it will be hard to see changes in the health patterns of your loved one, and anything that would have been a cause of concern will simply be overlooked.