How to Have Great Looking Skin That Gets Noticed

Guess what is the greatest enemy of our skin? Probably oxidation and oxidative stress. These lead to the formation of the free radicals and they certainly can cause a lot of damage and lead to a slow down in the renewal of skin cells. That means that having beautiful natural skin may be seriously compromised if we do not do something about it. Looking after diet is one way.

The role of flavonoids in skin care 
Flavonoids are in lots of foods and they are efficient antioxidants fortunately. As they are present in red wine and dark chocolate, this has given some respite to people like me keen on getting up their levels of these essential elements although they have to be consumed in moderation of course!

Reducing AGE foods
But a healthier diet to ensure beautiful natural skin is called for and that is by avoiding all the so called AGE (Advanced Glycosilated End ) foods which are processed and grilled meats and fish together with cakes, biscuits, too many dairy products and fizzy drinks. Favoring water and green tea is one way around the drinks problem and we can have an occasional glass of red wine as I have mentioned above. Increasing consumption of chick peas, sardines, kiwi and red fruits will also be a winning tactic.

Powerful antioxidants 
Keeping an eye on the free radicals we actually produce ourselves through exercise, exposure to the sun, smoking and general air pollution is important. At the same time we need to increase our own supply of antioxidants and the best way to do that to get beautiful natural skin is by finding products which contain these powerful elements. If we can find one which has not been exposed to harsh chemicals in its processing, then we are well on the way to finding the right product for us.

The essential role of hyaluronic acid 
What we really need for beautiful natural skin though is an ingredient which is natural and safe and will be effective at blocking the enzyme called hyaluronidase. This tends to deplete our levels of hyaluronic acid which must be kept at optimal levels if we are to have beautiful natural skin.

Why not find out what this ingredient is. I have prepared a website which has all the details and will tell you which ingredients to avoid and which ones are perfectly safe for your health. Beautiful natural skin was never easier or closer!