Study: My Understanding of

New Trends in School.

Education is important as it sharpens the mind plus it makes someone to feel focused about life. By educating our kids it is one way of molding them to become great persons in the near future as without education life can really be hard. Education was very different in some years back this is because of poor technology there were no cell phones nor computers in schools but today things tend to be different.

Amazingly during those days some schools never used any other language apart from their native language and students could never interact with other people more fluently and that was very sad for the kid it really affected their future. Today things have a new face in life and there are new trends at school that have changed what we used to see or do back in the days. Due to life changes students can now have more advanced trends in school as this is to allow them keep up with today’s world changes. The motive of the new teachings is to improve the quality of today’s education that have been improvised to fit today’s lifestyle.

This trends are more advanced and it is more than just tests and lectures but to improve the new education and have the students get informed through social media and internet. Unlike before when the syllabus was all about teaching and tests plus too many home works this time around things are seen differently and teachers are focusing in developing student’s ability to be fully prepared for the world outside there in future. The trends are useful since it is one way of sharpening student’s ability and have them updated about the near technologies that keep changing every now and then. Today schools can use laptops and also in some places students are allowed to use their cell phones to do research online. Students should get informed on how to use social media while learning plus how to browse in the internet as this is a trend that must be adhered to by all.

The trends include getting informed about social media and how to learn using the internet. Education nowadays is in student’s finger tips since everything is online. Schools must take precautions in teaching the students about the new trends in education to be able to catch up with new technology.